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Elementary School Staff Directory

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Universal Pre-Kindergarten

Michelle Haverly

Alicia Sroczynski

Lyn Burton

Jan Dano
Emily Hartzel
Dawn Hofmann
Katie Ioannau
Shauna Karper

Nancy Lomax
Carrie Mickle
Tanja Peters


Kimberly DiNuzzo
Jeneca Kenny
Cristen Lare
Alisha Richardson

Grade 1

Nancy Anderson
Eric Calvino
Amy Rudolph

Grade 2

Emily Fealey
Melanie Junge
Jenna Marcal
Holly Rutland

Grade 3

Megan Caruso
Natalie McKay
Daniel Saddlemire

Grade 4

Maryanne Hammond
Debra Schaffer
Karen Yager

Grade 5

Marjorie Adriance
Mary Bates
Bridget Krepcio

Grade 6

Colleen Schlicht
Steve Usher
Jenna Wiest

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Jean Scofield


Wendy Molle


Melanie Bachanas
Heather O'Brien


Carrie Styles (Music/Choir)

Timothy Solinger,

Daniel White,


Sherry Roy

Occupational Therapist/Physical Therapist

Erin Gathen (OT)
Marjorie Lawson (COTA)

Donna Puiatti (PT)
Laura Shemo (PT)

Physical Education

Barbara Almy
Angela Jackson


Kelly Fagnani

Jasmine Burke (intern)


Terri Blum
Doreen Buzon
Darcie Schmid

Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM)

Melissa Montague

Special Education

Adriene Bush 6
Anne Donzelli 2-6 SC
Stephanie Hammond 4
Kim Hileman 5
Megan Langan 2-3
Nancy McGee K-1


Michelle Borst
Lori Johnson

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Myra Trumbull, Food Services Director
Hope Alescio
Nadia Bermea
Lauralee Brooks
Hollie Jankowski

Karen Olmstead
Tina VanAller

Information Technology

Lori Armstrong
Nathan Armstrong
Jesse Bloomer
Graham Wright

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Shawn Gathen, Supervisor
Eric Bellinger (Night)
Jeremy Karker (Grounds)
Ed LaBadia (Maintenance)
Jim Lethco
Belinda Liddle (Grounds/Custodian)
Kristen Pethick (Night)
Shane Scofield
Albert Wilber (Days)


Lisa Gathen
Jennie Flagler
Kelly Hartzel
Hollie Jankowski
Sharon Lamont

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Administrative Support

Jessie Griffin, Elementary Office
Karen Gannon, Elementary Office
Melissa Schoeffler, Pupil Services
Stephanie Ullman, Pupil Services

Shared staff w/ H.S.

Shane Barton (Physical Education)
Tammy Drinon (Physical Ed)

Terry Kenyon (Guidance)
Kim Mattice (Family & Consumer Science)
Martin Messner (Health)

Diane Poquette (Spec Ed)
Leah Schaefer (Art)
Timothy Solinger, (Music)
Carrie Styles (Music/Choir)

Social Workers

Christine Quandt

Kayla DiGiovanni (Home Run program)

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Support Staff

Serena Billsborrow
Cheri Bland
Ruth Bowersox
Heather Cater
Sandra Cater
Donna Corey
Crystal Hartmann
Tanya Healy
Jennifer Hellstrom
Jennifer Helmstadt
Lisa Helmstadt
Denise LaBadia
Diana Largeteau
Bonnie Lewis
Wendy Robinson
Jennifer Scheuer
Teresa Schoenecker
Victoria Stewart
Amy Tessitore
Courtney Thomas

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Amy Crewell, Transportation Director
Cliff Haslun, Lead Mechanic
Matt Brown, Mechanic
Bryan Deffer, Mechanic
Mike Guntert, Mechanic
Amanda Maland, Administrative Support

Bus Drivers
176 - Fran Parsons
182 - Trisha Nelson
183 - Heather Palmatier
187 - Cheryl Deffer
188 - Kyle Smart
190 - Tom Quinn
191 - Karen Hotaling
192 - Thomas Heath
194 - Belinda Liddle
195 - Chris Hubbard
196 - Nichole Singer
199 - Manny Sousa
200 - Martin Shrederis
201 - Albert Wilber
202 - Joelene Mercer
203 - Bryan Deffer
204 - Judy Durland
205 - Duncan Schanz
207 - Sharon Tompkins
208 - Debbie Pelepzuck
209 - Holly Boss

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