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PBIS: Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

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Be Safe. Be Responsible. Be Respectful. Be a Community

PBIS at Schoharie ElementarySchoharie Central School students, faculty and staff have united behind these expectations: Be Safe. Be Responsible. Be Respectful. and Be a Community, to develop a positive school environment through Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports, or PBIS, a proven, research-based program.

A proactive approach, PBIS unites students, faculty, staff, parents, guardians, families and the community behind clear and consistent expectations and goals that build upon students' strengths, reward good behaviors and discourage problem behaviors by identifying both consequences and paths to relearning and self-improvement.

Through PBIS, students learn life skills that benefit them far beyond the walls of the classroom.

Students have clear and detailed guidelines for positive behavior they are to show not only in the classroom, where such rules traditionally exist, but also anywhere they are in the school building, on campus and around or on a bus.

For example, Schoharie Elementary students have learned to adjust the volume of their voice to their location, from a zero (quiet) in the hallway to a 1 in the cafeteria and 2-3 on the playground. In all locations, they are to show pride in learning and demonstrate respect, compassion and patience for their peers.

These expectations developed by the PBIS team are taught to the whole school through "Stations" twice a year and reinforced by staff and students consistently in the appropriate settings.

The entire approach is positive, not punitive - there are consequences, but they are clear and instructive and designed to build good behavior while discouraging bad behavior and disruptions to learning.

The PBIS team and school leaders have developed a behavior chart of specific behavioral expectations for each of the program's foundation goals: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be a Community.


Buckle Bucks

Schoharie Elementary students showing positive behaviors can earn Buckle Bucks. Buckle Bucks can be redeemed for small prizes on "Redemption Wednesday." Students can purchase items from small trinkets or toys to exciting opportunities such as a Stewart's free ice cream pass or lunch with the principal.

The prizes will be available in the cafeteria during lunch periods the first Wednesday of every month only. The third Wednesday of the month students will have the opportunity to enter their Buckles Bucks into drawings to earn larger prizes. In 2015-2016 the first drawing earned two lucky students a brand new bike and many more received helmets also.

Schoharie Elementary's PBIS team

At Schoharie Elementary School, a team of educators works on ways for all at the school to teach, model, support and reward positive and appropriate behavior, including providing supports for students who might need more assistance. Team members include:

  • Principal Andrea Polikoski

  • Cheri Bland, teaching assistant

  • Terri Blum, reading teacher

  • Michele Borst, speech teacher

  • Doreen Buzon, reading teacher

  • Eric Calvino, 1st-grade teacher

  • Anne Donzelli, special education teacher

  • Kelly Fagnani, school psychologist

  • Maryanne Hammond, 4th-grade teacher

  • Stephanie Hammond, special education teacher

  • Melissa Montague, science technology engineering arts math teacher

"Implementing PBIS replaces more traditional punitive practices with proactive strategies that support everyone in our school community as we work toward common goals," Elementary Principal Polikoski said. "The most valuable part, to me, are the multiple opportunities to teach students the behaviors we expect of them. We are committed to the success of each and every one of our children, and PBIS is a proven way to create a positive school climate."

Numerous schools, both locally and nationally, have documented their success with PBIS, experiencing fewer disciplinary referrals and suspensions and spending more time on academics and learning. Details about PBIS can be found at


PBIS at Schoharie Elementary    PBIS at Schoharie Elementary

PBIS at Schoharie Elementary        PBIS at Schoharie Elementary



[12/8/15 updated 8/23/16]





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