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History of the District

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A Brief History of the Schoharie Central School District

Written in honor of the school’s Bicentennial in 1976
By: Susan Brisley, Class of 1978

As we celebrate our past and anticipate a happy future, we should think a little about how our schools first came about. Who were the first people to live in our beautiful valley and start to mold it into the Schoharie we know? Many of us are descendants of the first white settlers: the Keysers, Boucks, Rickards, Warners, Weavers, Zimmers, Mattices, Zehs, Bellingers, Borsts and Schoolcrafts; who settled in Brunnen Dorf, one of seven dorfs or villages. We, who live here now, are grateful to those early settlers for making this valley and its schools what they are today. » MORE

Schoharie's Cannon

Printed in the Schoharie County Historical Review in 1983
By: Louis Tremante

There is a cannon on the front lawn of Schoharie Central School. People in the town pass by it every day, but few know where it came from or why it is in Schoharie. The local legend is that this gun is an original cannon from the U.S.S. Constitution. Some people say that the gun was given to the people of the Town of Schoharie after they competed in a national campaign to raise money for the reconditioning of the old ship in 1928. Some people believe that this was the only gun allowed out of the Boston Naval Yard, and still others believe that this was one of two guns allowed out of Boston. » MORE

S.S. Schoharie #217799: A HOG ISLAND Ship

By: Thom Hendrickson, U. S. Navy Armed Guard

... Liberty ships, tankers, C-class ships, Victory ships-- but my love has been reserved for an ugly-beautiful Hog Islander. The S.S. Schoharie. Schoharie (Sko-harry) was launched in 1919 and sailed the seas as a deluxe small class of cargo and passenger carrying ocean liner for years before being assigned to war time cargo carrying duties. » MORE

Photo Gallery

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Old school building Old school building
1835-1904 Schoharie Academy 1904 - Schoharie High School
Old school building High School Fire
1904-1926 Schoharie High School 1926 - Schoharie High School Fire
Downtown Schoharie Old school building
1917 - Downtown Schoharie 1932 - Schoharie School Building
Old science lab Old science lab
1932 - High School Science Lab 1932 - High School Science Lab
Schoharie Cannon Old school buses
Schoharie Cannon 1952 - School Buses
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