A survey for all

All members of the Schoharie Central School District community are invited and encouraged to participate in an anonymous survey being conducted by Generation Ready to measure the district’s level of cultural proficiency. The district values all opinions and feedback.

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Why survey?

SCS is entrusted by its residents to provide an educational program and services that meet the needs of all of its students. To do so, the district must ensure educational equity and cultural proficiency.

Equity is more than treating everyone as an equal. It means giving every student what they need to be successful. For a school district to be culturally proficient, its practices and policies must enable it to engage effectively with those of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Thank you to all who participate in the survey. Any questions or ideas may be directed to the superintendent at dblanchard@schoharieschools.org.

More information

An article about cultural proficiency at SCS was included in the recent budget newsletter and is posted on this website.