Capital Project Update: June 2020

The following is a status update for the district’s ongoing construction project as of late June:

Multiple areas are being finishes as construction has ramped up with no school in session on-site and the state slowly opening back up. Tile work in the corridors on the first floor is substantially complete with tiling continuing into the stairwells. New ceiling systems are being install in corridors on the first floor as well. New classroom soffits to accept the full windows are in place. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough-in is substantially complete in the corridors on both levels. Collett Mechanical has set 3 more Roof Top Units and have staged for the final 3.

The following areas are substantially complete:

➢ New Main Office and Entryway (Old Library, Computer Lab and Distance Learning)

➢ All Bathrooms are now completed and available to the District ➢ New Art Room (Old Health 1A and Lab 1B)

➢ Renovated Classrooms 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 112, 116 (Choir) and 206

➢ Basement Corridor (Faculty Room, FACS, Publications and Bathrooms)

➢ HS Cafeteria and Senior Lounge

➢ New Media Center

➢ New Band Area and Associated Rooms/Offices

The following includes more details about specific project components:

HS Cafeteria & Senior Lounge
➢ New furniture placed in the Senior Lounge

➢ The only item remaining in these areas are the built-in folding tables in the Cafeteria

➢ Punchlist will be established in early July

New Media Center (Old Main Office and Entry Way)
➢ Substantially Complete – books are being relocated to the space

➢ Quiet Study still needs installation of finishes

➢ Electrical Rough-In is Substantially complete

➢ Exterior panels were installed

➢ Heating panels have been installed in the Quiet Study

2nd Courtyard Infill and Associated Rooms
➢ Casework needs to be installed – TBD

➢ Furniture is on-site and ready for placement

New Band Area (Old Temp Cafeteria)
➢ Furniture installation is complete

➢ Rubber floor base needs to be installed

➢ Punchlist will be established in early July

2nd Floor Rooms 213, 215, 217 and 219
➢ Duct tie-in is substantially complete

➢ Soffits have been installed

➢ Painting to be complete by the end of June

➢ New ceiling systems to be installed following paint

1st and 2nd Floor Corridors
➢ Wall tile is substantially complete (first floor only)

➢ Electrical rough-in is substantially complete

➢ Fire Alarm device installation ongoing

➢ Mechanical Rough-In is substantially complete

➢ New corridor double door frames installation in progress

➢ All water coolers have been installed

➢ Painting throughout is ongoing

New Fire Wall near HS Gymnasium
➢ Demo of existing walls and doors/frames is complete

➢ Initial saw cut in floor complete

➢ Excavation is approx. 50% complete

Wood and Metal Shop
➢ Existing HVAC demo is complete

➢ New steel installation prep work has begun

➢ Underground drainage and tie-in complete for new Metal Shop sink.

➢ Block wall construction complete in the Metal Shop

➢ Curbs for new Roof Top Units have been placed and roofed in

Additional Project Updates:

➢ New dust collector is on site – install scheduled for late June

➢ Fire proofing is ongoing with all the ceilings removed in the corridors

➢ New locker installation is complete

➢ New doors throughout the project are being installed

➢ All new furniture is substantially complete

➢ Construction of new bathrooms near HS gym scheduled to begin late June

➢ Only two  more roof top units need to be installed


  • Bathroom tiles are seen