Clarification on virtual learning and transportation forms

We would like to share a clarification about completing and returning the virtual learning and transportation forms we have asked you to return by Aug. 14.

There is only space on the forms to designate “yes” answers to the questions about you wishing to have your child participate virtually at home for the first quarter (jr./sr high school) or trimester (elementary) and the question about if you plan to transport your child yourself to school every day. These are “opt out” forms. By designating “yes” on the respective form, you are opting out of in-person learning or opting out of district-provided transportation for the first quarter or trimester.

There is no need to return the form if you are planning to send your student as usual to school for in-person learning and/or utilize district bus transportation.

Thank you, and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.