Doing their best while working together

boy draws on wallJust inside the main doors to the Schoharie Elementary School library, a massive map of the United States and its landmarks grows more colorful each day as students “work together to do great things.”

“I have a big black and white poster on the wall, and when students have free time, they grab a colored pencil and color in a small part of it,” Librarian Wendy Molle said.  “I want the students to see that ‘we can do great things if we do our best and we work together’, [words that are posted above the map].”

girl draws on the wall“If all goes well, I will get the poster laminated and find a nice place to hang it.”

Coloring in features of the 50 states is doing much more than showcasing students’ artistic skills while working as a group. According to Molle, the community art project also helps develop fine motor skills and requires focus and control.

The bonus? “Because the students are concentrating, they tend to be quieter while they wait for their classmates than they would be if they were just standing there,” she added.