Elementary Principal’s Back to School Message

September 1, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians;

Our school is once again full of staff working to excitedly welcome back students next Tuesday, September 7, 2021.  It has been a busy summer with some frustration as we planned to open the building without guidance from the DOH, but we are finally off to a great start.  We appreciate your patience as all information has been delayed this year due to that.

We’ve included information with this email that may be helpful to have in one location as you start the year.  This can all be found on the district website at any time.  If you need further information or help, please call the main office at 518-295-6651.

If you have not signed up and logged into Parent Portal yet, please do this ASAP.  Contact the office if you need assistance.  This is where you will find student report cards, teacher names, and other important information.  

The student day begins at 7:45.  Arrival will be the same as last year.  If you are dropping your child off, please remember to stay in the lines, stay in your vehicle, and wait to release your child until directed to do so by staff.

This year buses will be loaded at 2:00 and release at 2:06.  We will begin releasing vehicles from the pick up line after buses depart at 2:06.  This is a change from last year.  Again, please stay in your vehicle and move forward safely, following guidance of the staff.  Staff will only release children from a sidewalk, for their safety.  Please have your ID ready to show the teacher on your first meeting.  Feel free to review the arrival and dismissal procedures we’ve included. Arrival and dismissal procedures.

We are excited to open school resuming many “normal” activities we all value and love.  Music and art are back into the schedule.  We have our classes back under the direction of one teacher, with regular class sizes.  Students will be three feet apart for most activities. School lunches are free again this year.  Information regarding after school curricular opportunities will be coming out in the next few weeks.  

As the District has communicated, we will begin the year wearing masks on when indoors, with breaks for eating, drinking, and high exertion, distanced activities.  We care very much about our students and want them to be comfortable.  Teachers have built in many more outdoor activities for children.  If students are struggling they just need to let us know; we can find a safe way for them to take a needed break from the mask.  Please send your child to school with an extra mask, as there is often a need to change them out during the day.  

Other COVID guidelines for reopening can be found on our website.  Guidelines are subject to change as infection rates increase and decrease, please see the District’s Tiered Mitigation plan for more information.

Transportation is using a new app that allows you to know your child’s bus route, and pinpoint where the bus is on the run. Please see the information regarding Ride 360 if you have not signed up yet.

Many of your questions can be answered in the handbook.  It is found on the website, and also with this email for your convenience.  Any paperwork that needs a signature or response from you will be sent home with your child on the first day of school.

Open House is September 21st.  We will make a determination regarding whether this event will be in-person or virtual.

We look forward to having our incoming kindergarten students join us for an orientation and ice cream social tomorrow at 2:00.  We have greatly enjoyed having all of our pre-k students visit the school this week.  And we cannot wait to have all of your children back here with us on Tuesday morning.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.  We look forward to a fantastic school year.

Andrea Polikoski