Elementary Principal’s Email: April 3

The following email to Elementary School parents was sent Friday evening, April 3:

Dear families,

We are so proud of the success your children had this week adjusting to using Google Classroom and logging on to their online learning resources. If you haven’t already done so, it’s helpful to teach your children to write their usernames and passwords down in an organized, safe place to help with independence. Thank you for your support helping them learn these new, important life skills. I hope that tip also helps you maintain your sanity!

Here are the Schoharie Home Learning Calendars for the week of April 6 through April 10. This week is noted as Week 2 on this webpage. You will find the routines are staying the same.

I hope you and your children are able to rest and enjoy each other this weekend. Please remember to stay in touch with your teachers and support staff if you need help. We also love to see the joys and successes you are experiencing! We’re “here” for you.

Stay Safe,
Mrs. Polikoski