Elementary School continues to “go green”

Beginning Monday, Jan. 13, the Elementary School will be sending home only one copy of building-wide fliers and information for each household.

The oldest Elementary School student in a household will receive any paperwork that comes out of the main office.

This cost-saving measure includes, but is not limited to: lunch menus, monthly calendars, notices regarding building-wide events, information regarding safety drills and events, letters from the principal, and fliers from community organizations that have an intended audience of all students, pre-K through grade 6.

This will not include information the classroom teacher sends home or information for events for certain grade levels in school.

Please be sure to communicate with your oldest child or check their book bags for these fliers. We hope you enjoy the benefits of fewer papers to recycle and more time with your family, as you won’t have to sort through so much duplicate information.

We hope for a smooth transition in this tree-saving effort, but please contact the Elementary office at 518-295-6651 with any questions, concerns or problems.