Supply lists


One 12-pack Ticonderoga pencils (no plastic coated pencils – they ruin the sharpeners!)
3 Black Expo Dry Erase markers
Two boxes 24-count Crayola crayons (regular size, not fat ones please! One will be used at the beginning of the year, one will be used mid-year)
Two boxes of tissues (these are not supplied by the school)
One container of Clorox disinfecting wipes
One 2-pocket vinyl folder (should be replaced as needed)
Two 6-pack Elmer Glue sticks
One pair scissors (plain with no designs, please)
One 1-inch binder
One marble composition notebook
Gallon-sized storage bags (boys only)
Quart-sized storage bags (girls only)

First Grade

1 bottom-pocket folder
2 boxes of 16-24 Crayola crayons
4-6 glue sticks
24 sharpened Ticonderoga pencils
1 box of tissues
Pencils, crayons, glue, and tissues will be shared with the class.
Please send the folder and backpack labeled with your child’s name on the first day of school. Please also be sure to label your child’s lunchbox, jackets, boots, snow clothes, etc. throughout the year so misplaced items may be easily returned.

Second Grade

box of tissues to share with the class
Clorox wipes
sneakers for gym days
Label the following with your name:
scissors (Fiskars are best)
two highlighters
1 box of crayons OR 1 box of colored pencils
2 glue sticks
2 hard cover marble composition notebook
at least 2 expo markers and old, clean sock to use as an eraser
crayon box/ supply pouch
3 pocket folders – 1 with holes for take-home work and 2 without holes for classwork
one 1-inch 3 ring binder for homework – to hold one folder and assignment book
Trapper Keepers do not fit in desks!
Please refill supplies throughout the year!

Third Grade

3 marble notebooks
3 pocket folders with holes to fit in a 3 ring binder(one for the library)
2 boxes of tissues
1 container of Clorox Wipes
1 inch 3-ring binder (No Trapper Keepers or large zippered binders. They do not fit in our desks.)
2 packages of loose leaf paper
2 dozen sharpened pencils (We will be glad to hold the extras for your child to use throughout the year)
1 box of crayons or colored pencils
Glue or Glue Stick
A ruler with both inches and centimeters

Fourth Grade

1 marble composition notebook
4 pocket folders (1 blue, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green) – must be three-hole- punched with bottom pockets only (must be able to be put into the rings of a three-ring-binder) No prongs!
One – 1 1/2” binder
Two 200 count packages of wide-ruled notebook paper
1 box of sharpened colored pencils
2 dozen sharpened # 2 pencils
1 package of 4 EXPO markers
Ruler (inches and centimeters – NOT the bendable ones)
2 glue sticks
Pencil BAG to go in the three-ring binder (no pencil boxes)
2 highlighters – any color
2 large boxes of tissues
2 large containers of Clorox wipes
Please do not bring in large Trapper Keepers or zippered binders. They will not fit in our desks!

Fifth Grade

Five 2-pocket folders (with 3 punched holes to be stored in binder):
Red (Homework)
Blue (ELA)
Green (Science & Social Studies)
Yellow (Math)
One 1.5 inch 3-ring binder (no large zippered binders; there is not enough room in desks)
Three marble composition books
Three packages of wide ruled loose-leaf paper
Pencils and eraser caps (to be replaced as needed)
NOTE: plastic wrapped/coated pencils cannot be used in school pencil sharpeners
One highlighter (any color)
One zippered pencil pouch (with holes) to keep in binder
Two boxes of tissues (school does not provide tissues)
Four dry erase markers
Two canisters disinfecting wipes

Sixth Grade – Miss Adriance

Subject Supplies:
3 Marble Composition Notebooks
5 Two Pocket Folders
1-½’ 3 ring binder
College ruled Loose Leaf Paper (4-5 packages)
No. 2 Pencils
3 Highlighters
General Items:
Expo (dry-erase) Markers
2-3 Tissue Boxes
Clorox Wipes
Crayola Colored Markers
Plastic Page Protectors
1 Pair of scissors
Band and Choir students only:
Band – 1” 3 ring binder
Choir – Black 1” 3 ring binder and one ¼ inch binder of any color

Sixth Grade – Mr. Usher

One box of tissues
One homework binder consisting of:
1 – 1 ½ inch three ring binder
2 pocket folder (homework folder)
Agenda (provided at the start of the school year) will be placed in this binder
Pencils (#2 Pencils)
Pens (black or blue only)
Loose leaf paper
Science/Social Studies:
One 1 subject notebook
One 2 pocket folder
One 2 pocket folder
One 4-pack of white board markers
ELA (Reading & Writing):
One composition notebook
One 2 pocket folder
Post-it notes
Band and Choir Students ONLY:
Band – 1” 3 ring binder with either sheet protectors or reinforcers
Choir – one black 1” 3 ring binder AND one 1 ¼ (preferred) inch binder (any color)

Sixth Grade – Miss Wiest (Mrs. Veglia)

Composition Notebook
Two Pocket Folder
Science/Social Studies:
1 Subject Notebook
Two Pocket Folder
Two Pocket Folder
Whiteboard Markers (Small pack, 2-4 markers would be fine)
No. 2 Pencils
Eraser Caps
Colored Markers
Loose Leaf Paper
Band and Choir students only:
Band-1” 3 ring binder with either sheet protectors or reinforcements
Choir-one black 1” 3 ring binder AND one-1 1⁄4 (preferred) inch binder (any color)
Homework Binder:
1-1/2” 3 ring binder
Binder pencil pouch
2-pocket folder