2018-19 High School Math Supply List

Calculator Recommendations

A Texas Instruments TI-30 XII or TI-30XA calculator is recommended for all students enrolled in the following courses:

Pre-Algebra, Integrated Algebra, and Introduction to Geometry

A Texas Instruments TI-nspire graphing calculator (or ti-nspire cx) is recommended for students enrolled in the following courses: (do not purchase a ti-nspire cas – it is not allowed on high school exams)

Integrated Geometry, Algebra II with Trigonometry, Pre- Calculus, or Calculus

It is important that students have the correct calculator. All instruction will be based on the above calculators only. Also, when students have the correct calculator at home they become proficient in using it. This has a very big impact on their performance in the course and on the regent’s exam.

If you purchase a graphing calculator, please save the UPC code on the package. We save them and redeem them for free equipment from Texas Instruments. We have been able to get some nice equipment, which is very helpful for class instruction. Please hand in any saved UPC codes to your math teacher in September.

If your child receives free or reduced lunch, we may be able to get them a calculator free of charge. There is a local charity called The Rolphie Fund that donates money to the school to be used to purchase things for students that can’t afford to buy them. Please have your child let their math teacher know, or you may contact their math teacher directly.

Additional Supplies For Math Class

  • 3-ring binder
  • loose leaf paper
  • pocket folder
  • 5 pens and 5 pencils
  • graph paper
  • compass – Geometry classes only
  • spiral notebook – Pre-Algebra only