Student Academic Success Plan Guidelines for Grades 7-12

Academic Achievement is the primary focus of the Schoharie Central School District. Students will be encouraged to maintain and improve academic performance during the entire school year. Being ineligible means the student will not be able to participate in school-related extracurricular activities including, but not limited to, athletic games, plays, field trips, county festivals, contests, clubs, dances, after-school activities and any other extracurricular activities not mentioned. 

After the first interim reports go home with students, the high school office issues an Academic Ineligibility List.

  • If a student fails one class on the five-week report or the report card, they will be required to attend a mandatory meeting with their school counselor to come up with a plan to improve their grade. A letter will also be sent home indicating that the student is failing one course at this time. Students failing one course remain eligible for the entire five-week period.
  • If a student fails two classes on the five-week report or the report card, they will be required to attend a mandatory meeting with their school counselor to discuss strategies for success in the impacted courses. These students are placed on the ineligibility list and will have one week to show Good Faith Effort (a weekly goal determined by teacher and student that represents progress toward academic success – SEE BELOW) before they become eligible for extracurricular activities. Ineligible students may not participate in extracurricular events (except for practices).
  • If a student fails three or more classes on the five-week report or the report card, they will be referred by their school counselor for an Instructional Support Team (IST) meeting. This meeting will include the student, the family, administration, school counselor, school psychologist, and teachers to determine what supports are needed for the student to be successful. This team will meet every few weeks until the student is no longer failing three courses. The student will be ineligible for all extracurricular activities (including practices) until the next five-week or report card is issued.

Students who fail two courses can show Good Faith Effort (GFE) by:
Staying for 10th period once each week for both failed classes

  • Showing sufficient GFE in the classes as demonstrated by meeting the GFE goal they created at the beginning of the week with the teachers of the failing classes, ultimately leading to the student working sufficiently to try to pass the class.
  • Students who are on the Academic Ineligibility List will be required to fill out the Academic Success Plan, have it signed by the teachers of classes they are failing, and turn it in to the In School Suspension Room by Friday at 2:45 p.m.  If a student/or teacher is absent on Friday, the form may be turned in on Monday by 9:45 a.m.
  • Both teachers of the classes that students are failing must sign the form, indicating that the student is passing or failing, and if failing, whether the student worked toward progress and met the GFE goal created by the student and agreed to by the teacher at the beginning of the week.
  • If a student does not get the sheet signed, or if either teacher indicates that their GFE goal was not met, they are ineligible to fully participate in extracurricular activities for the following week (but may still practice with their club or team).
  • Students will try for the following week to show their GFE to work their way back to probationary status.
  • If a student is on the Academic Ineligibility List as ineligible, they will not have pass privileges from study halls.
  • This process is to be followed until the next reporting period, even if the student has a passing grade before the next reporting period.
  • The process continues throughout the school year.  A new Academic Ineligibility List will be generated after each interim report and quarterly grade reports are issued.
  • In June of each school year, the high school office will generate a list of students who are ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities based on final averages of classes. The same policies and procedures followed during the school year will apply at the beginning of the new fall athletic season and/or school year. If the student is failing two courses at the end of the year, they will be required to follow the GFE procedures as outlined.
  • Students who are failing three courses at the end of the year are ineligible for the fall sports season and/or new school year until the first five-week report comes out. Students will be allowed to tryout for sports and other extracurricular activities during this time period.
  • Students who have incomplete grades at report card time will be given ten school days to complete their missing work.  If they are failing at that time, they will be placed on the Academic Ineligibility List accordingly.