Online safety & the Momo Challenge

Much attention has been focused recently by the media on the Momo Challenge on the internet, and YouTube specifically. While the images and premise of the Momo Challenge are disturbing, YouTube released a statement indicating no evidence of the challenge and that videos encouraging harmful and dangerous challenges are against its policies.

However, as with most things that “go viral” online, we are finding students are talking about Momo Challenge images and stories, which can be very frightening.

This provides an opportunity to talk to students about internet safety. Remind your children:

  • People may say or write things on the internet that are untrue or misleading, and people may pretend to be someone who they are not.
  • If they see anything that makes them feel worried or uncomfortable, immediately tell their parent, guardian, teacher or other trusted adult.
  • Keep their personal information safe and secret. Think carefully before sharing a photo of themselves, their family or their friends.
  • Don’t accept a friend request from anyone they do not know.
  • Never arrange to meet an online friend, and tell your parent, guardian, teacher or other trusted adult if someone tries to arrange a meeting.
  • Don’t click on unfamiliar links, respond to messages from unknown persons, or accept invitations to play games with people they don’t know.
  • Tell a parent, guardian, teacher or other trusted adult if they receive spam, junk mail, advertisements, images, videos, invitations or messages that make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Talk to their parents/guardians about anything scary or threatening they see or receive online.
  • Use available parental controls on home media and digital devices to help control your children’s access to age-inappropriate content.

The best way to keep children safe online is to be aware of what sites they are visiting, what games and videos what they are playing and viewing, and with whom they are communicating. We want our children to use technology and digital resources in a safe, healthy and education manner.

Student safety is a top priority in Schoharie Central School District. Thank you for your continued partnership in providing our children with a safe learning environment. If you have any concerns, please contact the principal or superintendent.