Parent Portal now available for Elementary

Parents/guardians of students in Pre-k through Grade 5 are now able to access Parent Portal. We encourage parents/guardians to use Parent Portal to view and request changes of their own contact information (address, phone numbers and email address), along with their child’s emergency contacts. Parent Portal, previously only available at the Jr./Sr. High School, will also allow you to view other information such as attendance and report cards.

Please complete the attached application form to have an account created if you do not have one. If you are a parent who has access already through the Jr./Sr. High School, you will still need to complete the application to ensure you have access to elementary student information.

Parent Portal Application

Once the application form has been received and approved, an automatically generated email from SchoolTool (our student information system) <> will be emailed to you and this will include instructions on setting up your account. 

After you create your own password for your Parent Portal account, please take a moment to review each child’s information, including telephone numbers, address, and emergency contacts. To request a change to this information you may click the icon circled in blue on the sample image below.

A screen shot of school tool is seen








 If you have any questions, or wish to make changes to this information over the phone, please contact the Elementary School office 518-295-6651. For more information, please visit our website’s Parent Portal page.