Schoharie HS student explores the evidence at a “crime scene”

The evidence of learning at a Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School was recently found in the evidence – literally.
Students in the Criminal Justice Program on the Schoharie CTE Campus, including our own student Hunter Bouck, processed a crime scene to show the knowledge they learned, collecting evidence ranging from finger prints to the distance of evidence from the “body.”
There are about 100 students currently enrolled in the two-year program Criminal Justice program offered on the Albany and Schoharie Career and Technical School campuses who are preparing or careers in law enforcement, the military, law or security. With the help of partners in law enforcement and higher education, Capital Region BOCES Criminal justice students learn about the history, theory, practices and recent developments in the field of criminal justice, as well as practice the skills necessary for those careers.
Great job Hunter!
Three students process a fake crime scene
Hunter Bouck helps process a “crime scene.”