Schoharie Storeroom opens to serve school community

There is a new way for our school community to both lend a helping hand and for our school families to meet needs.

Welcome to the Schoharie Storeroom! Our goal is to make good condition clothing

Rows of clothes in shelves are seen.
These are some of the items available at the Schoharie Storeroom.

and shoes easily available to the community. 

Items available in the Storeroom will be listed at the Storeroom items list link.

Please contact Darcie Schmid if you want something from the list. Items are available on a first-contact, first-served  basis.

To pick up items, you have three options.

  • We will be available Wednesday and Thursday from 3-4 to bring you to the Storeroom.
  • Contact us by email and we can agree upon a time to meet.
  • We will also be able to send items home with children. If you print, complete and sign this form, we will be able to process your request after your child returns it to his or her teacher. On the form you have the option of listing specific items or allowing your child to choose items at the sizes you recommend.

If you would like us to anonymously list a specific need/request for an item, we will do that. If we get a response, we will help you connect with someone who can help meet that need.

If you have something in good condition that you would like to offer, we will post that.

Donated items must be pre-washed unless the store tags are on them and in like new condition.

There is no drop box. Donated items must be brought to us at the times listed above or at a mutually agreed upon time. Please bring no more than 20 items at a time. We want to get items on the list, on the shelves, and quickly available.

Please contact Darcie Schmid if you would like to help with the Storeroom.