Summer Enrichment Program, Drop-off and Pick-up Changes

Schoharie Paving Project

Family Drop-off and Pick-up Changes

Due to the district paving project, Family/Carpool drop-off and pick-up will change to the back entrance off of Main Street. We will continue this until further notice.

Start of program drop-off: Vehicles will drive up the left Main Street driveway (facing the Jr/Sr High School). Students will be dropped off in back of the HS gymnasium. Staff will meet students in the gym and escort them into their classrooms. Vehicles will loop around and go back down the same hill to exit.

End of program pick-up: Vehicles will arrive in the same parking lot in back of the HS gymnasium. Please turn your vehicle around in the newly paved parking lot and line up against the fence. Staff will be outside at 11:50 a.m.

Late students: any student who arrives late to school must go in this same back entrance. Please call the elementary office at 518-295-6651 or Mrs. Tebbano at 518-912-7589. Please make every effort to arrive at or before 8 a.m.

Walkers: The main parking lot on Prospect Street will be closed. All walkers are to arrive up the front HS sidewalk and enter through the back of the HS gymnasium.

*Please see the image below for a visual of where to drop off and pick up.

A map of the school