Update from Director of Curriculum and Pupil Services

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The ongoing COVID-19/Coronavirus public health emergency has necessitated that the district shift to remote learning for grades 7-12 through the upcoming holiday break.  Much like we did in the spring the Pupil Services Office wanted to reach out and clarify how services will be delivered during this time.

The district has learned from our previous period of remote instruction and I am confident that we are well prepared to continue a seamless educational experience for our impacted students.  

Students will be required to log in and participate in their daily schedule in the same manner they would in person.  I strongly encourage you to work with your child(ren) to stress the importance of logging in, participating in the chat, and using the camera as much as they are comfortable.  Building administration will be taking an active role (joining remote classes) in monitoring student engagement during this period of remote instruction.  The district understands this is a lot of screen time for students and periods of offline work will be built into the schedule to address this.  

For students with accommodations and modifications, participation (asking questions either verbally or in the chat, emails, and attendance at scheduled office hours) will be critical to continued learning.  I strongly encourage your child(ren) to participate in all supports that are offered.

Related services (Occupational, Physical, Speech and Language, Counseling) will be offered on the same schedule as in-person learning.  For example, if a student had a Monday at 10 a.m. session, that would continue during remote instruction.  Providers will coordinate the scheduling of virtual sessions and student invites.  Students will need to check their calendars (google calendar) and log in at the appropriate time.  Teachers will be aware of the sessions in advance and students will not be marked absent for leaving a class meet to attend a related service session.

The most important expectation we can hold for our students is that they participate daily and connect with their teachers and related service providers so that learning can continue. As parents and guardians, you are important partners in this plan, and we appreciate your ongoing flexibility and support.  If you are experiencing difficulties or have questions about the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Pupil Services Office at 518-295-6657.

Together, we can continue our mission on behalf of our students.


Matthew L. Wright
Director of Curriculum and Pupil Services
Schoharie Central School District