Updated visitor procedures are safety-focused

Providing a safe and positive learning environment is a top priority for Schoharie Central School District. Security improvements at the elementary and high school, and at the district offices include new badge and visitor identification systems.

Parents, guardians and other visitors to campus during the school day will need to take a few extra minutes of their time upon arrival to sign in and be cleared to enter. New procedures are being used for all visitors to SCS to help ensure everyone’s safety.

When a visitor enters the main office, school staff will ask them for a government ID (driver’s license or permit, military ID, etc.) and instruct them to insert the ID into the badge system. The system will scan the ID and use it to search local and government databases, including the sex offender registry.

Office staff will be able to see the results from the scan on a computer before approving the creation of a dated visitor ID badge. Returning visitors will still have to give their name and wear a photo ID badge when they are in the schools.

SCS appreciates the cooperation and support of all we serve. Through the capital project, SCS facilities are becoming safer and more secure and better places for children to learn and grow. Updates are posted regularly on the capital project page on this website.