Schoharie Schools: Offering students more than a basic education

Today’s graduate needs much more than a basic education. Beyond the state-mandated core curriculum, Schoharie Central School provides:

  • Full-day kindergarten, including an additional classroom this year to maintain age-appropriate class sizes
  • A focus on early literacy, laying the foundation for long-term academic achievement, including a joint venture through which SCS hosts two HeadStart classrooms
  • 17 high school classes for which students can earn college credit, including four advanced placement (AP) classes and 13 University in the High School classes
  • Additional AP classes provided through funding from the Virtual AP Grant
  • A network of specialized programs and services to provide extra help for students who struggle in grades K-12
  • Computer lab access for students in all grade levels
  • WiFi throughout SCS buildings, filtered for safety and appropriateness, and available to SCS guests
  • Electronic learning tools such as SMARTBoards, document cameras and a 3-D projector, that help teachers reach children who respond to different learning styles and increase class participation

Making numbers count: How educators use data to guide instruction & improve learning

Just like doctors use data and analysis to make decisions about patient care, teachers and school leaders collect information every day about students to ensure a successful learning experience. In fact, data and analysis are key to everything that goes on inside a school facility—from how a building is designed and the way services are provided to decisions about curriculum and technology.

Educators use a variety of methods and tools to gain a better picture of what a student’s needs might be. Such information helps them understand which instructional strategies are working and where more support and alternative strategies are required.