Capital Project Update: July 2020

Work Summary:

Construction has been progressing nicely this last month with multiple areas near completion. All classrooms have now received paint, casework, finish flooring and new ceilings. The 1st floor corridor is ready for finish floor installation while the 2nd floor is receiving the new ceiling system. The dust collector has been set for the wood shop. The fire barrier near the HS gym is ongoing. The demo for the new bathrooms located near the HS gym has begun.

The following areas are substantially complete and are now being utilized by the district:

New Main Office and Entryway (Old Library, Computer Lab and Distance Learning)

All Bathrooms are now completed and available to the District

New Art Room (Old Health 1A and Lab 1B)

Renovated Classrooms102, 103, 104, 105,106, 112, 116(Choir)and 206

Basement Corridor (Faculty Room, FACS, Publications and Bathrooms)

HS Cafeteria  and Senior Lounge

New Media Center(Minus Quiet Study)

New Band Area and Associated Rooms/Offices

Majority of all the Classrooms throughout the Building

Progress details:

HS Cafeteria& Senior Lounge

The builtin folding tables have been installed

Only Punchlist items remain

New Media Center (Old Main Office and Entry Way)

Final paint needed

Floor Finishes to be installed in early August

Ceiling has been installed

2nd Courtyard Infill and Associated Rooms

Casework has been installed

District to place furniture

Gross Electric needs to move one (1) outlet for Distance Learning per BOCES

Projector screen and smart boards need to beplaced

New Band Area (Old Temp Cafeteria)

Rubber wall base hasbeen installed

Bast to provide single cabinet, sink installation will follow2ndFloor Classrooms

New Ceiling Systems are installed

Final paint is complete

District has begun to setup for teachers

1st and 2nd Floor Corridors

Fire Alarm Devices are substantiallyin place

New Ceiling Systems should be in place by the end of the month(both floors)

Stairwelltreads havebeen replaced and now receiving the new rubber treads

SelfLeveleris to be placed in the corridors on both floors August 6thand 7th

Final floor finishinstallation to follow

Final light installation on the 2ndfloor ongoing

New Fire Wall near HS Gymnasium

New slab has been poured

Door frames are placed

Walls have been constructed

Final paint to occur in early August

Final floor finishes to occurat the end of August

Wood and Metal Shop

New Dust Collector has beenset duct work to follow

RTU duct works has been installed

Waiting on Steel for RTUs 9 & 10

Additional Project Updates

Demo for the new bathrooms near the HS Gym has started

Remaining Doors/Hardware have arrived on siteinstallation on going

Glass installation to continue in early August

Kitchen wall work to being in early August with gross electric performing demo

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