Elementary School Staff Directory

2020-21 School Year Staffing Model

Please note, Elementary School staffing assignments for 2020-21 are in accordance with the Schoharie CSD Reopening Plan. Under the plan, there are reduced student densities in classrooms throughout the building and during all activities.  For example, music and art will not be offered this year as standalone special periods of the day where students leave their rooms. They will instead be provided in the regular classroom setting. Academic intervention services will also be provided by a student’s regular classroom teacher, which because of greatly reduced classroom sizes, ensures that students will get the individual attention they need.

This flexibility is designed to allow the Elementary School to maintain social distancing throughout the day, and ensure students are arriving to school and departing school safely, all while striving to deliver the best education possible. The directory below has name and email of our 2020-21 staff based on their normal assignments. Some of these staff members are working outside of these areas on a regular basis while the districts Reopening Plan is in effect in order to ensure we can keep class sizes small.

If you have any questions about faculty and staff assignments or about which faculty and staff members your students may come into contact with during the school day, please reach out to the principal.

Elementary Principal

Andrea Polikoski


Karen Gannon
Vanessa Repicky


Alicia Sroczynski
Lyn Burton
Jessica Ferguson


Jeneca Kenny
Cristen Lare
Alisha Richardson

Grade 1

Erin Anderson
Eric Calvino
Joanne Oakes

Grade 2

Melanie Paloski
Rachel Lenart
Ashley Rosebrook
Jenna Veglia

Grade 3

Megan Caruso
Holly Rutland
Daniel Saddlemire

Grade 4

Maryanne Hammond
Karen Yager
Marjorie Croote

Grade 5

Racquel Ackert
Nancy Anderson
Terri Blum
Bridget Krepcio

Reading Specialists

Darcie Schmid

Math Specialists

Melanie Bachanas

Virtual Ais

Mary Bates


Jean Scofield

Guidance Counselor

Marissa Holliday


Wendy Molle


Jennifer Clemente


Lori Warner
Faye Clapper

Occupational Therapist/Physical Therapist

Erin Gathen (OT)
Marjorie Lawson (COTA)
Patricia Carreau   (PT)

Physical Education

Barbara Almy
Angela Jackson


Kelly Fagnani

Shared Staff with High School

Timothy Solinger (Band)
Carrie Styles (Choir)

Social Worker

Amy Thalheimer
Lonne Nelson (Home Run Program)

Special Education

Anne Donzelli Self-contained
Ashley Hannan,  5
Kim Hileman 5
Megan Langan 3
Nancy McGee K-2
Hailey Modelewski 4

Speech Pathologists

Michele Borst
Lori Johnson

Support Staff

Cheri Bland
Heather Cater
Sandy Cater
Anne Reynolds
Jennifer Hellstrom
Jennifer Helmstadt
Lisa Helmstadt
Diana Largeteau
Vanessa Repicky
Jennifer Scheuer
Teresa Schoenecker
Victoria Stewart
Amy Tessitore
Courtney Thomas
Luis Toro

Lunch / Recess Supervisors

Hollie Jankowksi
Caryn Manz
Sharon Lamont
Stephanie Easley
Anne Reynolds
Luis Toro

Cafeteria Staff

Tina VanAller
Lauralee Brooks
Hollie Jankowski
Karen Olmstead
Vanessa Reed
Tina VanAller

Custodial Staff

Shawn Gathen, Director of Facilities
Eric Bellinger, night
Jeremy Karker, maintenance
Ed LaBadia, maintenance
Patrick Lamont, day
Belinda Liddle, grounds, custodian
Shane Scofield, maintenenace
Floyd Lamont Jr., days
Floyd Lamont III, days

Information Technology

Jesse Bloomer
Nathan Armstrong
Lori Armstrong
Graham Wright