About our school

Schoharie Elementary School serves students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade in a collaborative learning community that supports the whole child. We believe that students will succeed when staff and families work together to meet their physical, social, emotional and academic needs within a safe and supportive environment as they progress to secondary education.

Mission Statement

The community of Schoharie Elementary is dedicated to creating and sustaining a learning environment which supports and values individual growth and accomplishment in an environment which is collaborative and nurturing. The core values of honesty, fairness, perseverance, responsibility and patience are actively discussed, modeled, encouraged and recognized daily.

Safety drills are routine and important

Fire drills, lockdown drills, go-home-early drills: all are a routine but important part of keeping students and staff prepared and our school safe. Practicing for emergencies is key. A set number of drills is required by the state, and drills are held throughout the year, not announced ahead of time and coordinated with local fire, emergency and law enforcement agencies.