English Language Arts (ELA)

Schoharie Elementary School uses McGraw Hill’s Wonders and WonderWorks programs. Wonders provides students a fully connected literacy experience with varied, award-winning, engaging literature and informational texts from beloved authors along with opportunities to collaborate with peers, answer Essential Questions, develop their ability to write in a variety of genres, and learn from multimedia resources. Elementary teachers collaborate and use Wonders varied digital and print resources to provide students effective, consistent programs at each child’s level, with a focus on the same skills, strategies, and standards.


Into Math, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, provides students, parents, and teachers clear, focused explanations of mathematical processes and skills necessary for students to excel. The program is highly engaging for students, with a variety of exciting print and digital resources that will allow teachers to individualize instruction for students, support collaborative learning opportunities and differentiate centers. Parents will find the School-Home Letters, vocabulary games, and other suggested activities to be clear and fun ways to support their children’s learning at home.


Science at Schoharie Elementary School follows a Learning Framework that encourages children to explore the life, earth and physical sciences through interactive, engaging, hands on science labs. As the Next Generation Science Standards are being developed, we provide our students an aligned curriculum that challenges them through inquiry and excitement to consider how systems work.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM)

The STEAM lab provides students with an environment to facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity. Here students engage in skills essential for success in the 21st century, as they are immersed in critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creative problem solving. Students might be bioengineers designing membranes to mimic those in organisms, they might be industrial engineers exploring ways to combine simple machines to create an assembly line, or they might be environmental engineers constructing their own water filters. In the STEAM lab, students are innovators, architects of their own learning.

Social Studies

With a focus on preparing students for civic life and responsibilities, Schoharie’s Social Studies Curriculum focuses on teaching students about geography; world, United States, and New York history; civics, citizenship, and government; and economics. Students study these content areas through integrated literacy units, authentic experiences, and inquiry lessons designed around the social studies practices that draw from disciplines such as sociology, economics, law, anthropology, history, and natural sciences, among others. The purpose of this curriculum is to help students develop the ability to make informed decisions for the public good.


 In today’s digital age, technology instruction is essential for student success. Schoharie Elementary students learn about technology itself and how to use it well as part of their own educational experience. In the computer lab, students learn the basic computer functions and keyboarding skills and are introduced into the exciting world of computer coding. In the classroom, students use technology for adaptive, personalized learning, including instruction through interactive games and web-based experiences.

Fine Arts

Music K-5

Music is an integral part of our student’s day. In our K-5 music program students receive instruction in the basic tenets of music. This knowledge is learned through the process anchors of the National Core Arts Standards: Creating, Performing, Responding and Connecting. Students learn music theory, proper vocal technique, the elements of music and practice performing on classroom instruments including percussion instruments, the ukulele and the recorder. Students learn that music is a form of expression that can be analyzed and enjoyed. Students travel through music history to gain an understanding of past and current music genres.

Students also use modern technology to practice their skills and test their musical knowledge. Students are taught the folk music of our own country and are exposed to the instruments, traditions and musics of cultures from across the globe. This provides the students with an opportunity to compare and contrast different cultures and traditions.

In the music classroom, learners are encouraged daily to make connections between music and other disciplines to broaden their breadth of knowledge. Bridges to other disciplines are built through exposure to daily vocabulary, listening and writing exercises, the incorporation of math skills through rhythm and by frequent exposure to other cultures. There are opportunities for students to explore music on a deeper level through two ensembles: 4th Grade Chorus and BlueNotes.

4th Grade Chorus

Students in grade 4 are able to participate in chorus to enrich their musical experience. In this ensemble students improve their sight-reading skills, note and rhythm reading skills, hone their musical expression, practice teamwork and collaboration and learn performance etiquette and technique.

Physical Education

Schoharie Elementary offers a comprehensive physical education which encourages physical development, healthy lifestyles and sportsmanship. Students are actively involved in instruction in physical fitness, exercise, nutrition, individual and team sports.

Progress Reporting

Kindergarten – Grade 5

Student progress is reported to parents through parent conferences and mid-trimester reports. Progress reports provide parents with feedback on their child’s academic, social and physical growth and development. In addition to the report provided by the homeroom teacher, parents receive reports on their child’s progress in the fine arts and physical education curricular areas.