Building Leadership Team Minutes Feb. 25, 2019

Attendance: Mackenzie Barton, Shane Barton, Marion Burghart, Kevin
Calacone, Tom Clayton, Lisa Devaren, Mikayla Faas, Pam Guest, Paula
Monarch-Palmieri, Lindsay Peterson, Caitty Schleifer, Nancy Stewart,
Carrie Styles, Stephanie Weinlein

1. Standing item: High School Building Renovation Project
a. We received NYSED approval February 8 and NYSED permits February 14.
b. The project is in the bidding process.
c. This pushes out the anticipated starting timeline.
d. Counselors have come up with a way to eliminate the need for temporary HS classrooms in the ‘52 Gym. Dr. Calacone will meet with impacted teachers now that the project is moving forward.
e. We still do not know how much shelf space will be in the temporary library.
Outcome: Continue to work with Shawn Gathen and the Building Project
Committee throughout this process.

2. Standing Item: School Climate
a. Our district’s cultural proficiency committee is exploring a  partnership with Generation Ready to assess the issues of diversity, equity, and student access across the district. Generation Ready representatives met with this committee on February 6. If we go with Generation Ready, the first step
would be to complete an Equity Walk in both buildings.
b. School visit – Members of the district’s cultural proficiency committee will visit Hastings-On-Hudson on Monday, March 11, 2019 to see their junior high diversity and inclusion curriculum in person.
c. Dr. Calacone shared the Education Week Article “What is Social Justice Education, Anyway?” from 1/23/19.
d. Mrs. Burghart suggested that a blended model of push-in and pull-out instruction could be a benefit to our students.
Outcome: Keep school climate as a standing item and focus for future BLT

3. Other topics
a. Therapeutic Crisis Intervention in Schools (TCIS)- Mrs. Griffin and Mr. Dady attended sessions the week before break to become TCIS trainers for our building. We hope to have the first session during the PD Power Hour on March 25th.
b. Senior Lounge updates – Senior Lounge remains closed until we can come up with a more proactive supervision approach. The current supervision scheme is not working adequately. Dr. Calacone and Mr. Spicer are open to suggestions from students and staff on how this can best be accomplished. Mikayla Faas and Caitty Schleifer will speak with their class representatives
about future options.
Outcome: No other new topics at this time.

Next meeting: Monday March 18, 2019 (3 – 4:30 p.m. in the High School