Building Leadership Team Minutes July 23, 2018

Attendance: Shane Barton, Mackenzie Barton, Marion Burghart, Kevin Calacone, Shawn Gathen, Pam Guest, Jen McClure

1. Standing item: High School Building Renovation Project (Shawn Gathen)

a. Voice Over IP phones installed in all classrooms and offices (district wide)
b. Phase II (high school) – Starts February 2019
c. Temporary classrooms in ‘52 gym

2. Follow up topic: Academic Success Plan

a. For 2018-19 school year – changes to the Academic Success Plan
b. Student failure data will be maintained for internal privileges but NOT for extracurricular activities (sports, musical, field trips, dances, the prom). Internal privileges are outlined below:
c. 7th & 8th grades – Weekly Fun Day for students passing all classes
d. 7th & 8th grades – High Honor Roll student get the internal Honor Pass
e. 9th-11th grades – Honor Roll students gets the internal Honor Pass
f. 9th-11th grades – High Honor Roll students get Downtown Lunch Privilege (with parental permission)
g. 12th grade – all Seniors eligible for Senior Pass (with parental permission) unless failing one or more classes
h. BLT will analyze student failure data at the end of next school year to compare with three years of current ASP policy

Outcome: The BLT will disseminate proposed changes for feedback. We will continue to formulate ways to help support struggling learners who fail classes. Plan to present these changes to the Board of Education at the August 23, 2018 meeting.

3. Follow up topic: New master schedule for 2019-2020

a. The Jr./Sr. High School needs to provide at least 990 hours of instruction over 180, per NYSED regulations. The requirement is no longer just 180 days in session.

Outcome: This ongoing discussion will continue in August 2018 with any
changes implemented for the 2019-2020 school year.

4. Other topics
a. None

Outcome: Please bring other topics for consideration at the next meeting.

Next meetings:  Monday August 20, 2018; Monday September 24, 2018 (all meetings are held from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in the High School Library or High School Library Classroom)