Building Leadership Team Minutes Nov. 4, 2019

November 4, 2019
Building Leadership Team 
Agenda and Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Kristin DuGuay, Paula Monarch-Palmieri, Matt Lalonde, Pam Guest, Stephanie Weinlein, Tom Clayton, Jen McClure, Michelle Griffin, Lisa Devaren, Marion Burghart, Lindsay Petersen

1. Standing item: High School Building Renovation Project

a. Work is continuing at a productive pace.
b. FACS Room, faculty room, publications, hallway (first floor) next to be turned over (by the end of December).
c. Propped doors- Doors should not be propped. If you see a propped door, close it and report it to the High School Office immediately. 
d. When will the new cafeteria be opened? After February Recess 2020.
e. What will the rules be for the Senior Lounge? The same rules that have always governed the Senior Lounge will apply.
f. Who will monitor those Senior students? The aide supervising the cafeteria will also supervise the Senior Lounge.

Outcome: Continue to work with Shawn Gathen and the Building Project Committee throughout the remainder of the renovation project.

2. Standing Item: School Climate 
a. The first cohort of 7th graders finished the new Cultural Proficiency Class. This will be one of the four quarterly classes that 7th-grade students take.
The second group of students started the course today (11/4/19).
b. Generation Ready provided district professional development on October 14th. They will return to the district to work with staff on November 22nd.

Outcome: Keep school climate as a standing item and focus for future BLT agendas.

3. Previous Item: Open House
a. Feedback from the “new” format: mostly positive
b. Areas for improvement: better signage; name tags for teachers; too noisy; too much standing; invite food trucks for the parking lot; invite student clubs c. to set up in the middle of the gym
c. Feedback from BLT: 
Teachers met a lot more parents this year; set up a Schoology booth for families; can we adapt for the 7/8th graders (may not get the full experience of walking around)?; need more clear cut guidelines for what is expected at the tables 
What to do next year? Keep the open format, switch back to old format, or table discussion until January 2020?

Outcome: Table the discussion until January 2020.

4. New Topics
a. Topic 1- Lunch time
20 minutes for lunch is okay but what other times do students have for an outlet for free time?
20 minute study hall or SSR/STEAM
Permanent pass to go to the gym? 
Is the study hall really justifiable academic time? 

b. Topic 2- School Dance
Should students be mixed together (7-12)? Is the developmental age of some too great of a difference for others (i.e. 7th versus 12th)?

c. Topic 3- PA SYSTEM 
When will the PAs be up and running in classrooms?
Big delay between the all-call and what gets heard (things are getting cut off).

d. Topic 4- Student Arrival
There is no hallway supervision until 8 a.m. 
Can busses hold HS students until 7:58 a.m.?
Can Mrs. Guest release students at 8:00 a.m.?

e. Topic 5- Locks on Doors
When will lock cores and glass for two new classroom doors arrive?

5. Other topics
BLT Meetings for 2019-2020 (every other month opposite faculty meetings): 9/9/19; 11/4/19; 1/6/20; 3/2/20; 5/4/20; 6/22/20 from 3-4 p.m.; July and August 2020 dates TBD from 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Next meeting: Monday, January 6, 2020 (3-4 p.m. in HS Room 108).