Building Leadership Team Minutes Oct. 22, 2018


Gail Borst, Marion Burghart, Kevin Calacone, Tom Clayton, Emily Dahlin, Jamie Davis, Mikayla Faas, Michelle Griffin, Pamela Guest, Jennifer McClure, Paula Monarch-Palmieri, Cassi Olin, Lindsay Peterson, Nancy Stewart, Stephanie Weinlein

1. Standing item: High School Building Renovation Project:
a. Which teachers will be moving, when, and when will they be notified?
b. What shelving will be available in the temporary library space?
Outcome: Forward these questions to Shawn Gathen and the Building Project Committee.

2. Follow up topic: Academic Success Plan:
a. First Five Weeks – same number of students (failing one or more courses) as last year.
b. Letters sent home this week for students failing one, two, or three or more courses.
c. IST meetings scheduled for students failing three or more courses.
d. We still need to work on positive incentives through the PBIS program, especially for 7th & 8th grades. Suggestions are welcome!!!
Outcome: Continue to monitor this topic during the year. Seek appropriate incentives for students who are doing well academically.

3. Follow up topic: New master schedule for 2019-2020:
a. The Jr./Sr. High School needs to provide at least 990 hours of instruction over 180 days, per NYSED regulations. The requirement is no longer just 180 days in session.
b. Possible scheduling alternatives were discussed, including an A-Lunch/B-Lunch/C-Lunch schedule similar to other schools.
c. We need to limit lunch period enrollment to 80 students per section for 2019-2020 due to cafeteria renovations in the project.
Outcome: Continue this conversation during the school year until a suitable proposal is adopted.

4. Follow up topic: Open House Changes for 2019:
a. An Open House “Fair” in the gym was proposed. Families could meet teachers at Department tables and come and go as needed rather than follow students’ schedules for seven-minute periods.
b. Informally polled parents – most were in support for this change
c. Special Education table would be a concern – does visiting the table violate privacy concerns?
Outcome: Tabled until November 2018.

5.  Follow up topic: Alma Mater:
a. Revisiting concerns about the phrases “the white man” and “the Indian Trail” in the alma mater.
b. Discussed differing courses of action in this process including the input of students and community members.
Outcome: The BLT will continue to work on this issue and prepare a recommendation for next steps.

6. Follow up topic: Student safety at dismissal:
a. Mr. Sorady made a “Use The Sidewalk” sign. It appears to be working for most students.
b. Mrs. Guest has been present to assist in keeping students safe/on the sidewalk.
Outcome: Look into diverting car traffic through the parking lot and out Academy Road until the buses have been dismissed.

7. New item: GradPoint Credit Recovery Program:
a. Should students be given the grades they earn on GradPoint? Our current agreement is that they will earn a 70 for the course if they successfully complete it on GradPoint (even if they scored higher).
b. Dr. Calacone shared the particulars of this question.
c. Previous failing grade is still reported on the student’s transcript no matter what.
d.  This would be similar to how summer school grades are currently being reported.
e. What about the Regents exam? Most students have passed the Regents, just not the course. That is why they are in GradPoint.
Outcome: Effective in the 2018-19 school year, students enrolled in GradPoint courses will receive their “actual” grade on their report cards and transcripts. Their previous (failing score) will also remain from the previous year.

8. Other topics:
a. Any new topics?
Outcome: None at this time.

Next meeting:
Monday November 19, 2018 (3 – 4:30 p.m. in the High School Library).