Reminder: Schoharie Storeroom is open

This is a reminder that the Schoharie Storeroom, which has a wide range of donated items for families, is open. Items include many useful clothing articles and outdoor wear for the winter season.

The Schoharie Storeroom is located in a small space at the Elementary School. Teacher Darcie Schmid helps manage the program, which helps connect storeroom items to students and families who need them, free of charge.

There are clothing items for infants, children and adults, as well as sneakers, shoes and boots. 

In addition to the efforts with the Schoharie Storeroom, the Elementary School is also collecting school supplies that can be distributed to students and families who need them. 

Obtaining items from the Schoharie Storeroom is a completely confidential process and there is no application process.

Those interested in receiving items may email or complete this request form.

Students may also reach out to their teachers.