Start Time Survey for Jr./Sr. High School

As we plan for reopening schools in the 2021-22 school year, we recognize social distancing limits on school buses may still be in effect. This issue may force two different start times for a second year, making us think about a permanent change to our start times. The district would like to understand how this may impact students and families.

Prior to this year, the high school and elementary school have operated with the same start time. Switching to separate start times has created a safer environment for younger students and fewer discipline referrals overall.

We are proposing to start high school at an earlier time and the elementary school at later time, similar to this year. The school day itself would be slightly extended from this year, as it was shortened in 2020-21 due to constraints of the reopening plan. We explored the idea of having the high school start after the elementary, but found that would create conflicts with sports schedules.

We realize some families may appreciate these changes, but others may be burdened. Your input is very important to us. Thank you for taking the time to complete this brief survey which will assist us in the decision-making process.

Start Time Survey