Superintendents Message: Wastewater System Issue this Morning

The following message was sent to Schoharie families on Thursday, May 18:

Good afternoon, 

The Jr./Sr. High School’s wastewater system backed up this morning on the ground floor of the Jr./Sr. High School wing. The back-up caused an overflow, which was detected and contained.

A handful of classrooms near the overflow were relocated. Our facilities team and a local wastewater company are onsite and investigating the cause. 

Schoharie Village Code Enforcement and Schoharie County Department of Health officials responded to the school. Both agencies determined that the Jr./Sr. High School was safe to remain open. There were no impacts to the Elementary School.

The district will work to remediate any problems that are found with the wastewater system. Students and staff will not have access to the area during this process. Students and staff still have access to water, bathrooms and food services.


David M. Blanchard, Superintendent of Schools