Video game music composer shares insights, answers students’ questions

This week our Modern Music class corresponded with the American video game composer Wilbert Roget II. Wilbert Roget grew up in Philadelphia as a classically-trained pianist who fell in love with video game music after listening to the music from the Final Fantasy game series.
Mrs. Styles reached out to Mr. Roget, II to see if he’d be willing to share some of his experiences with the class, which is exploring a unit on video game music, and he graciously responded that he’d be happy to answer students’ questions.
After listening to music that he wrote for Call of Duty: WWII students developed a unique question to ask Wilbert. The class was expecting an email response but he surprised us by sending a video addressing each question! He shared struggles, insights, facts and advice about his experiences in the video game composition industry. Students connected with the fact that in addition to being an incredible composer, he’s also a gamer.
We are so thankful to Mr. Roget for sharing his talent and time to benefit our students!
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