A Message from Teen Talk

The following is a message from Schoharie’s CSD’s Teen Talk:

Tenn Talk sponsored our 3rd Career Speaker Seminar on Monday March 11. It featured a presentation by NASA scientist Dr. Joseph Heyman: A Life At NASA – Reach Beyond the Sky. and the amazing contributions he had over the span of “never working” just loving the projects and research he did over 40 years. Dr. Heyman outlined the contributions of his last position at Langley Research Center as Chief Technologist. ” My favorite position was Branch Head, Nondestructive Evaluation Science Branch.” Some of the highlights of his career, Mr. Heyman shared that he worked on the investigation of the wind tunnel collapse, the space shuttle disaster and Viking 1 1st trip to Mars.
After he earned his PhD, he began working with a technician on diagnostic measurements – to that grew to a Group ( about 10), then to a Section ( about 25), then to a Branch that had nearly 100 scientists, engineers, students, Post Docs, and visiting faculty – the largest lab of its kind in the US. When Dr. Joe retired about 40 years later he was elected to the Hall of Honor, where 80 such folks have been elected out of some 12,000 who worked at the Research Center. We were honored to host Dr. Joe, THANK YOU for your time.

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Our 1st Seminar featured the career of Strength and Conditioning at the NCAA Division 1 College Athletic level for football. Mr. Colin Kenyon shared his journey from Duanesburg to Tulane University. The stops along the way included West Point, Illinois, and University of Troy. These opportunities allowed him to learn how to use the talent kids had, and create a culture of success as part of a dedicated staff. “It starts with leading by positive example and being present”. Colin spoke about the importance of mentors he worked with. These people were invaluable to his success as they offer support, guidance and act as a soundboard to future goals. Colin knows it is important to work on the field, in the classroom and the community. Thank you Colin!

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We welcomed to our 2nd Career Speaker Seminar:  Ms. Lisa Attenhorn (a SCS graduate 2007)  Lisa works for the National Park Service US Department of the Interior.   There are many aspects of the job that require constant training and certification.  Lisa spoke about needing to know the laws and legal responsibilities, due to illegal activity.  There are search and rescue tasks for people and animals,  Her route to this job was very varied.  Upon  graduation from college  she applied to work in the national parks, and always had to complete training to stay up to speed with current practices.    Lisa loves that it is different everyday, she is outside and gets to see wildlife.  One night she has to sleep out on a ledge as the search and rescue operation required people to be stationed around the search areas.  Lisa would never change where she is now. Thank you Lisa!