Students Learn About Pro Baseball

A class participates in a zoom presentationThis is the next installment of the Teen Talk Career Speaker Seminars:

On Monday March 25, SCS Teen Talk sponsored our 5th Career Speaker Seminar which featured Mr. Dan Conway and the career area of Professional Baseball and Financial Investment.

Mr. Conway grew up loving baseball, and being involved in all sorts of sports in HS. His journey included being drafted out of Wake Forest by the Colorado Rockies and working his way through AAA, AA and finishing with the NY Yankees. Mr. Conway shared the most important takeaway was being part of a team means you work really hard for your team goals as well as our own. Remember your work ethic affects others. “Don’t be afraid to create something special and “go for it. ‘”

Mentors and coaches along the way nurtured Mr. Conways leadership skills both on and off the field. This led him to a very successful career in baseball and then on to the world of financial Investment. Where he still uses his leadership and teamwork skills every day. Thank you Dan!