Criminal Justice student weighs in on program

Two students stand in the coldNeither snow, nor sleet for freezing cold will stop these students from learning

SCHOHARIE — Cold and snow mixing with sleet did not deter seniors in the Criminal Justice program at Capital Region BOCES from completing their appointed duties last week.

The students in Gerald Place’s program start each morning by directing traffic on the campus, guiding buses, visitors and students to their appointed destinations and securing the campus. 

Seniors Kevin Charron said he appreciates the real-world experience afforded by the assignment.

“I don’t mind it at all. I chose this program because I want to help people and be an active member of my community and this is one way of doing that,” said Charon, a Schoharie High School student.

He is among approximately 100 students in the two-year program offered on the Albany and Schoharie Career and Technical Education Center campuses. With the help of partners in law enforcement and higher education, criminal justice students learn about the history, theory, practices and recent developments in the field of criminal justice, as well as practice the skills necessary for those careers.

Enrollment is currently underway for the 2024-25 school year. 

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