Elementary Attendance Reminders

This is a reminder that parents and guardians should send in a signed, written excuse to school when their student returns from an absence. 

In addition, if a student is absent from school for three consecutive days, the parent or guardian should contact the school nurse’s office to discuss the reason for the absence.

Please remember that New York State law requires all student absences to be verified in writing. Communication with a teacher about student absences is not enough. In order for our school to monitor and be as prepared as possible for health concerns, we need to be aware of health trends in general and specific illnesses as they impact students.  

We have a few more months of colder weather ahead, and we continue to see a variety of illnesses impacting our school community. 

For more on the school’s attendance policy, please see page 7 in our Elementary Student-Parent-Teacher Handbook:


Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to make our schools a healthy, safe and supportive environment for learning