Legal Notice Regarding Disposition of Records

Legal Notice

Please accept this notification pursuant to section 300.624(a) of 34 CFR of the Federal Regulations that the Schoharie Central School District will be destroying all special education records of students with birth dates between March 1990 to June 1997.  According to the NYS Retention and Disposition Schedule for New York Government Records, school districts and BOCES are required to maintain special education records of students for 6 years following the student’s graduation or exit from the school district at 21 years old, and therefore the District is not required to maintain these records any longer. The District understands that students falling within this timeframe may still need some of their special education records for applications for social security or other benefits. Therefore, to allow those students who wish to obtain their records from the Office of Pupil Personnel Services to do so, they must make a request by contacting Ms. Alexis Shaffer before June 20, 2024 at (518) 295-6657 or by email at Records not claimed by this date will be removed from the files and destroyed.

Dated: May 17, 2024

Matthew Wright, Director of Curriculum and Pupil Personnel Services
Schoharie Central School District