School Will Be Closed for the Eclipse on Monday, April 8

Schoharie CSD will be closed on Monday, April 8, in conjunction with the historic solar eclipse that will impact a large part of the country.

 Because the eclipse will occur at the end of the school day and partly coincide with dismissal, the district is opting to not be in session. The path of totality will be just a short distance away in the Adirondacks and Western NY. Even though Schoharie County is not in the path of totality, the eclipse will be more than 90 percent complete here. 

The event will likely be a spectacle, which could lead to people having their eyes on the sky and not the roadways while our school buses are on the road and when students and staff would normally be on their way home. In addition, we wish to give students an opportunity to safely view the eclipse with the proper precautions in place, instead of attempting to view it while in transit or in school.

We encourage students and families to learn about how to safely view the eclipse, which is the first total solar eclipse in New York since 1925. The next one in New York won’t occur until 2079.

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For more on how to safely view the eclipse, please visit: