Traditional Budget Development Timeline

While certain times of the year see increased budget-related activity, developing a budget that meets the needs of our students and school while also reflecting local residents’ input is a year-long process. As such, the community is welcome and encouraged to participate in this process. The budget development timeline lists the various steps in the process:

Budget Development Calendar, 2022-23

2022-23, Budget Development Calendar (Print Version)

Superintendent and Business Administrator review Budget Planning Handbook and process and meet with administrators

Superintendent and Business Administrator review Enrollment Projections with administrators for allocations for instructional materials

Administrators submit Program Goals, Instructional Administrator to Superintendent


  • Administrators and department supervisors submit Support Staff Personnel requests, with rationale to Business Administrator
  • Director of Facilities and Transportation Director submit Staffing, Supplies, Equipment and other Expenses for Operations & Maintenance to Business Administrator
  • Administrators submit Special Maintenance needs submitted to Business Administrator (Routine summer projects, with no budget impact, can be identified until mid-April.)
  • Administrators submit Instructional Staffing requests, with rationale, to Superintendent
  • Administrators submit Instructional Equipment requests to Business Administrator


  • Administrators submit Supplies, Conferences, and Other Expenses to Business Administrator
  • Superintendent and Business Administrator analyze revenue projections and budget requests to assemble Preliminary Budget
  • Superintendent and Business Administrator have internal meetings with administrators to review requests and make modifications
  • Superintendent and Business Administrator present Rollover Budget Scenario to Board of Education

Key dates:

Jan. 19 – Governor’s budget proposal for state aid distribution made available to school districts. (Estimated)

Jan. 27 – Board of Education meeting, presentation of rollover 2021-22 budget


  • Superintendent and Business Administrator present Preliminary Budget to Board of Education Business Admin.

Key dates:

Feb. 10 – Board of Education meeting, presentation of tentative 2022-23 budget


  • Superintendent and Business Administrator review Budget during Board work sessions, present Tentative Budget

Key dates:

March 1 – Submit 2022-23 calculation for tax levy limit to the Office of the Comptroller, Tax and Finance and the State Education Department.

March 17 – Board of Education meeting, presentation of tentative 2022-23 budget.

March 31 – Publication of 1st legal notice of school budget hearing and budget vote.


  • Board of Education adopts Proposed Budget to be considered by voters in May
  • Budget Newsletter written and printed for mailing in May

Key dates:

April 14 – Special Board of Education meeting, adopt 2022-23 budget and propositions; approve Property Tax Report Card.

April 18 – Submit Property Tax Report Card to the State Education Department and local newspapers.

April 18 – Deadline for submission of voter petitions for propositions to be placed on the ballot (30 days preceding budget vote).

April 18 – School board candidate nominating petitions due in district clerk’s office by 5 p.m. (30 days preceding budget vote).

April 19 – Date of drawing by district clerk for determination of order for listing board candidate on election ballot, 9 a.m., district office.

April 27 – Budget newsletter prepared and sent to the printing company.

April 27 – Budget statement and required attachments made available seven days prior to budget hearing.


  • Public Hearing on Proposed Budget at Board of Education meeting
  • Budget Newsletter/Budget Notice distributed to voter households

Key dates

May 3 – Board of Education meeting and Public Hearing on proposed 2022-23 budget.

May  4 – Budget notice and newsletter mailed to eligible voters after the  budget hearing, but no later than six days prior to the vote.

May 17 – Budget Vote and Board of Education member election