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Information on 2023-24 school year budget

    March 16: 2023-24 Budget Presentation, Print Friendly

    March 16: 2023-24 Budget Presentation, PowerPoint

    April 19: 2023-24 Budget Presentation, Print Friendly

    April 19: 2023-24 Budget Presentation, Power Point

    May 2: Public Hearing – Budget Presentation,  Print Friendly

    May 2: Public Hearing – Budget Presentation, Power Point

    Three-Part Budget, 2023-24

    2023-24 Budget Notice

    Budget Statement, 2023-24

    Budget Vote Set for Tuesday, May 16 (news article)

    Information on 2022-23 school year budget

    2022-23 Budget Information

    Schoharie CSD, 2022-23 Budget Presentation

    Budget statement, 2022-23, approved

    2022-23 Budget Has a Tax Levy Decrease; Voters approved on May 17

    Schoharie Central School District residents voted on a $25.9 million proposed budget for the 2022-23 school year.

    The fiscal plan has an overall increase of 1.63 percent – or $416,418 – from the current year. However, for the second year in a row the district adopted a budget that decreases the overall tax levy.

    Under the fiscal plan, the tax levy will go down by 1.84 percent. A 3 percent increase in New York State Foundation Aid will help allow the district to enhance student academic services and support, while reducing the overall local tax burden.

    Voters will also approved a Capital Project and Energy Performance Project; and select three candidates for the Schoharie CSD Board of Education; decided on a school bus purchases; and approved a Repair Reserve Fund and support for the Schoharie Free Library.

    The budget for 2022-23 includes new funding for textbooks, math programming and learning materials district wide; a new full-time science teacher at the Jr./Sr. High School; a PE teacher/athletic coordinator position for the Jr./Sr. High School; and a new full-time, in-house IT position that will service the Elementary and Jr./Sr. High School on a daily basis. The district is projecting a $412,000 increase in contractual salaries districtwide and a $45,000 increase in energy costs. There is also an anticipated $119,000 increase in employee health insurance and prescription drug costs.

    “The goal of this fiscal plan is to place our students as the top priority, while maintaining fiscal responsibility to our Schoharie taxpayers,” Superintendent David M. Blanchard said. “We must ensure our valued students are college and/or career ready.”

    Inflation and Energy costs

    With the current rate of inflation at more than 8 percent and high energy costs expected to continue into the next school year, the district was mindful of how this could affect the 2022-23 budget. The fiscal plan accounts for increases in materials, supplies and energy costs.

    Tax Levy Limit

    The tax levy limit, while sometimes referred to as a “2 percent tax cap,” is set through a state-mandated formula and will often be higher or lower than 2 percent based on the individual circumstances of each district. In some cases, the tax levy limit can be negative. That is the case with this proposed budget, as the state mandated tax levy limit is -1.84 percent. The district is choosing to present a budget that meets this negative tax levy limit. An increase in
    state aid and operational efficiencies that are under constant review will allow Schoharie CSD to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of our students even with this negative tax levy limit.

    2021-22 Budget Information

    2021-22 Adopted Budget

    Budget Statement, 2021-22

    Information on 2018-19 school year budget

    • Total budget: $23,822,954
    • Vote results: Approved 251-133 or 65.4% approval
    • Proposition: Bus purchase totaling $270,000: Approved 276-108
    • Proposition: Capital reserve spending for capital project: Approved 269-114

    Budget documents

    2018-19 Budget Documents

    For assistance accessing any of the documents on this website, contact the district office at (518) 295-6679 or email bmaland@schoharieschools.org

    Information on 2017-18 school year budget

    • Total budget: $23,415,819 
    • Vote results: Approved 389-143 or 73% approval
    • Proposition: $19,875,000 capital renovation and reconstruction project proposition approved 375-156
    • Proposition: Capital project reserve fund approved 397-133
    • Proposition to purchase four school buses at cost not to exceed $305,000 approved 405-128