Special Education

Quality integrative programming is the cornerstone of providing special education services to students within Schoharie Central School District. Maximized inclusion is built into each student’s individual program to the degree it benefits the individual.

The facilitation of this philosophy is greatly enhanced by the consistency of programs, as well as by special education teachers and paraprofessionals supporting students in their integrated programs. Collaborative decisions made by the Committee on Special Education support students in achieving academic, social and vocational goals.

The special education continuum of services within Schoharie Central School District includes a menu of services available to students with disabilities to provide them with access to the curriculum in the least restrictive environment.

The array of services allows students with disabilities to be educated alongside their peers without disabilities to the maximum extent possible and appropriate.

Such services include specially designed instruction and supplemental services that may be provided in general education classes; through consultant teachers (CT), both direct and indirect; related services; resource rooms and/or special classes; or specialized placement outside of our district. Each student’s program is crafted to include elements from this menu to best meet the student’s needs.

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