The district’s vision related to Technology is to integrate the specific needs of the students, staff, and community with the goals and objectives of the National Technology Plan. In 2000, the U.S. Department of Education issued a National Technology Plan entitled “e-Learning: Putting a World Class Education at the Fingertips of All Children.” The Schoharie CSD Instructional Technology Plan follows up on the ideal presented in the national plan.

The updated Schoharie Central District Technology Plan has identified technology goals for the school:

  • Goal 1: All student and teachers will have access to information technology In their classrooms and from home
  • Goal 2: All teachers will use technology effectively to help student achieve academic excellence
  • Goal 3: All students will achieve technology/information literacy skills
  • Goal 4: Technology applications for teaching and learning will have been enhanced

These goals will be attained by:

  • Incorporating online learning to increase reading, writing, and critical thinking
  • Increasing the availability of technology to all all students to encourage improved competency in all subjects
  • Supporting network administrative activities by upgrading network structures and software into existing classroom and administrative practices
  • Providing training and support to faculty and staff in the use of upgraded network structures and software

The strategies for ensuring technology will be integrated into curriculum and instruction include:

  • Annual hardware/software inventory taken by teachers and specialists
  • Technology use survey as solicited from teachers and students
  • In-service training provided to teachers

Technology Acceptable Use Procedures/Policy

The purpose of the Schoharie Central School District-Local and Wide Area Networks, the Internet Access Network, is to advance and promote education in all of its school buildings within the district. Such access is intended to assist in the collaboration and exchange of information among all who are concerned and involved with education. The goal of infusing technology into daily operations of our classrooms, libraries, and offices is to promote high quality technological resources in an equitable, efficient and cost effective manner. Such technology includes and is not limited to electronic mail, local computer networks, through internet and other on-line services.

Distance Learning

A variety of courses are offered to Schoharie students through the use of distance learning technology. Distance learning allows students from numerous schools to take part in classes held in a singular location by providing live audiovisual links, real-time interaction and shared instruction. Schoharie students benefit both from classes hosted by their school and those hosted elsewhere. Check the high school curriculum guide for distance learning offerings or contact the Guidance Department.